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Rusty & France Wehner

Rusty & Frances Wehner

Frances and Rusty’s first and foremost priority is you, the customer. In the fast changing environment that we currently have in the mortgage industry we make sure that we are familiar with new guidelines and rules as they come out.  This ensures that the transaction is a smooth process with no surprises at closing. 

Frances is committed to helping clients through the complexities of the mortgage process and has built a strong reputation for her no-nonsense, down-to-earth approach.

Rusty brings a wealth of financial and real estate taxation knowledge to the table, to help you the customer get the highest and best use of your money. 
Together we bring a combined experience and understanding of the mortgage process that is unsurpassed.

We give you, the customer a powerful ally to guide you through the whole process.  Your call are always welcome.

Rusty & Frances Wehner
Certified Mortgage Planning Specialists
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