Home Inspection, what to expect.

Colorado Real Estate: Home Inspections
Every home should be inspected prior to purchasing. Inspections are provided for in the Colorado real estate contract. The inspection date is a negotiable part of the Colorado Real Estate Contract. Typically, the buyer has the first 10 days to complete any and all inspections desired. If the inspection turns up issues that the buyer wants repaired or replaced, he can then ask the seller to do so. The seller can agree or negotiate an alternative resolution. In the end both the buyer and seller must accept the resolution, or the contract is voided.

This system puts the buyers at an advantage. The buyer must spend his own money to hire independent inspections. If the inspection turns up issues that the buyer just cannot live with, the only cost to the buyer is that of the inspection. The buyer is protected from having to purchase a home that will need more work than he is prepared to do.

Choosing an Inspector

Unfortunately inspectors are not licensed in Colorado. Choosing one with the proper knowledge and experience will depend upon getting a good reference from a friend or your buyers agent or looking for one that has been certified by ASHI. An alternative to hiring one inspector is to have each trade inspect that portion of the home. For example a roofer inspect the roof, a plumber the plumbing systems. Hire the trade with the acknowledgment that they will be paid for an inspection and will not get to do any repairs they may find.

Items to Inspect

During the inspection time in the contract, you are free and encouraged to inspect anything that is important to you. In Colorado it is common to test for radon but not necesarily termites. Mold has become a big issue lately.

What to look for in a home inspection

  • Foundation: obvious cracks? Shifts?
  • Roof: overall condition?
  • Evidence of leaks: Ceilings tell the tale.
  • Basement or crawlspace: Adequate insulation? Dampness?
  • Quality and workmanship: In general
  • Electrical: Malfunctions? Breaker Panel? Up to date for computer use?
  • Plumbing: Any unusual noises or malfunctions?
  • Appliance condition: Age, etc?
  • Heating/cooling system: fire properly? Gas leaks?
  • Exterior: How’s the paint and trim?
  • Lot: drainage go away from home?
  • Gutters: Rusted or holes?

Do I need to be there during the home inspection?

It is not required for the buyer to attend a home inspection, but highly recommended. Think of it as a quick course in Home Maintenance 101. What better way to learn about caring for your new home than to have a professional explain it to you? Yes, by all means attend your home inspection.