Qualifying to Purchase Your Home

Your time, your money or both…

The qualifying process with regard to a purchaser buying your home is important to follow because if you don’t you may ending up wasting time and losing money.

Buyers sometimes get ahead of themselves in the purchase process. They may have to sell a property before they can purchase yours. Depending on where their home is, this could take more time than you are willing to give. Knowing the buyer’s circumstances up front prior to accepting an offer is critical.

Buyers also start looking before they have financing in place. Years ago, it was normal practice for a purchaser to go find the home, write the offer and then go get a loan. In recent times we have found that this practice is totally backwards. Now, buyers start with the loan, then go find the home to purchase.

The loan process has streamed down significantly. Many lenders have what they call “desk top underwriting”. This computer process tells them if a buyer can qualify for the payments on the home. As long as the buyer has good credit scores (FICO) the process should go smooth. The problems arise when the buyer omits facts or the loan originator doesn’t ask all the right questions. Having a buyer who has gone through this process and is totally “approved” can save you the seller many headaches!

The best buyer is a fully qualified buyer with a loan in place and no property to sell.