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by Vali Hooker on November 10, 2008

in Green Living

As mid-century enthusiasts, my fiancé and I, found the 1950’s house of our style dreams this summer. The home has all the elements that define the era — ranch-style layout, large patio and garden incorporated into the home design and floor-to-ceiling windows. I enjoy all these elements greatly however this morning while sipping my coffee on the couch I felt a cool breeze — more like a chilly morning air coming from those floor-to-ceiling marvels that line the entire south side of the house. I could just see energy dollars drifting out as the furnace works over-time to keep the house comfortable.

Cut energy bills this winter season Winter brings these chilly breezes and even though your home may not have been designed with energy efficiency in mind you can definitely reduce your heating bills by ensuring your home is up to par. The US Department of Energy has an entire list of how to be more energy efficient, here are a few tips:

  • Adjust temperature when you’re sleeping. Dial the temp down 10-15 degrees, save about 10% a year!
  • Maintain heating system. Furnace filters need to be changed on the regular, as often as once a month, but that’s not all — they also require cleaning and servicing by an HVAC specialist.
  • Reduce heat loss from fireplace. If you never use it then get the flue plugged & sealed. Keep the damper closed when not in use. When in use have damper open with a window 1 inch open to circulate warm air into the room when in use.
  • Lower your water heater temp. Heating water can account for 25% of the energy bill, so turn it down to ‘warm’ (120 degrees) and avoid scalding your hands too.

Visit to find out how to conduct an Energy Audit of your home and reduce your energy bills during a chilly season. This weekend I’ll be getting those floor-to-ceiling windows ready so that they insalate, keeping the cool breeze outside.

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