Ballpark is a vibrant downtown neighborhood with an urban-industrial feel. This area grew up around Denver’s rail line; at its peak, warehouses, storehouses, and factories bustled with train-related activity. Now a historic district, most of the original industrial buildings still stand today. Converted lofts, new construction, and apartments are in abundance, and many more are planned. Coor’s Field anchors Ballpark to the south, giving the neighborhood its name, and promising an easy walk to plenty of summer baseball. Ballpark is a great downtown neighborhood for anyone who wants a central location in the heart of it all.


According to the Ballpark Neighborhood Association, 30th St. bounds Ballpark to the north, while 18th St. forms its southern boundary. Glenarm Pl. and the Platte River bound the neighborhood to its east and west, respectively.

Entertainment and Shopping

Coors Field Coors Field

Ballpark’s location is ideal for downtown fun. Coor’s Field, built exclusively for baseball and home of the Colorado Rockies, is within walking distance. North Larimer Street, the main commercial route that runs through the heart of Ballpark, brims with pubs, breweries, jazz clubs, galleries, and authentic Mexican restaurants. A wide variety of shops and cafes can be found in nearby Lodo (lower downtown), an eclectic neighborhood bordering Ballpark. The Ballpark Market, an open-air, European style flea market, is held once a month in the summer and fall, offering unique art, handmade clothing and jewelry, and one-of-a-kind gifts. Although traffic has dwindled since the railroad’s heyday, freight trains still lumber through the Central Platte Railyard, a great treat for train watchers. For food, shopping, sports, and relaxation, Ballpark is a great downtown neighborhood choice.

Loft living in Ballpark

Ballpark’s railyard history makes it ideal for classic loft conversions. Its classification as a historic district allows lower interest rates and grants for redevelopment. Many of the original warehouses have been stripped and updated, and now house loft space with exposed beams and pipes. Several more loft construction projects are planned, guaranteeing more growth and development in this expanding area. Visionary developers have purchased and razed the few valueless buildings, creating space for new construction; new loft apartments and brownstones are available for rent and purchase, ensuring viable housing options for a wide range of prices and lifestyles. Ballpark is undergoing a positive transition from a light industrial area to an urban residential neighborhood. Ballpark is headed in a great direction, and a real estate purchase in this neighborhood would be an excellent investment.

More Information

If the excitement and energy of this up and coming neighborhood sounds good to you, please don’t hesitate to contact Vali Hooker of the Berkshire Group. Vali specializes in Denver’s downtown neighborhoods and is sure to be a valuable resource in your search. Phone her at 720-273-1969, or e-mail Vali.

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