Uptown, Denver’s oldest residential neighborhood, offers an appealing blend of nostalgic charm and modern efficiency. Victorian style homes mingle with new construction, and gourmet restaurants border cafes and pubs. Three hospitals occupy a large health complex, providing easy access to medical resources, and employing many neighborhood residents. Theaters, shops, and parks promise plenty of entertainment. Uptown’s charming mix of old and new, retail and residential, make it an interesting and unique downtown neighborhood.


Bustling Colfax Ave. forms Uptown’s southern boundary, while 20th street creates its northern border. Broadway and York streets form Uptown’s western and eastern borders, respectively.

Entertainment and Shopping

Uptown’s eclectic blend of shops, homes, restaurants, and entertainment venues make it easy to find something to do. Tree-lined boulevards separate the streets from the sidewalks, making this neighborhood perfect for relaxing strolls, jogging, or dog-walking. City Park, home of the Denver Zoo and the Museum of Nature and Science, lies on Uptown’s western side. The once gritty Colfax Ave., Uptown’s southern boundary, is experiencing remarkable revitalization and recovery. Shops and other retail establishments line this street, and the refurbished Fillmore Auditorium and Ogden Theatre offer live concerts and great atmosphere. “Restaurant Row,” a stretch of 17th St. in the heart of Uptown, holds a large and varied selection of eateries. With its close proximity to various downtown attractions, stores, and restaurants, Uptown promises many opportunities for entertainment and relaxation.

Loft Living in Uptown

Uptown boasts a wide variety of available real estate. Housing options range from classic Victorian and Queen Anne-style single family homes to newly constructed, modern condominiums. Quaint brick bungalows join the mix, along with several apartment complexes. Uptown also has a nice variety of loft conversions. The price range for Uptown real estate is as wide as the housing selection; lofts and newer construction begin in the high one hundred thousands and range through three-quarters of a million dollars. With an extensive variety of single family homes, condos, and lofts, Uptown offers home buyers lots of great choices.

More Information

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