Denver Urban Relocation FAQs

What do Denver Lofts cost these days?

Loft living has become extremely popular. With the resurgence of people wanting to live in an urban setting, lofts are now selling at a premium. The cost per square foot is easily $300. Therefore 1000 sq. feet of living space will cost $300,000. Loft living in more prestigious buildings and/or locations can be found at prices over $400 per sq. foot. however there are buildings that have available lofts for under $300 per sq. foot.

Do people have pets downtown?

Pets are welcome and can be found everywhere — Denverites love their animals and urban Denver is no exception. Walking the dog is a great way to make new friends and get exercise.  The city center area has a number of recreation trails that dogs are always welcome on, bring the leash.  Doggie daycare and dog walking services are also available.

When you live downtown, where do you park your car?

Many buildings offer resident parking. Most parking is deeded with the purchase of a loft. In some instances you can purchase or lease additional parking spaces either within the same building or on a nearby surface lot. Parking is obviously an important part of your loft purchase if you own a car.

What can I expect with HOA fee’s?

Monthly fee’s generally run from $2 to $3 per square foot but they can be more so it’s always good to check when viewing property. In some cases higher HOA fee’s could be an indication of unusual expense issues or financial concerns. Make sure you receive and understand the HOA Budget and Expense Report. Be advised that HOA’s management firms charge for ownership transfer and you must buy the previous owners capital reserve upon closing. Colorado now uses a standard disclosure form. Make sure you receive and understand the information disclosed on the form.

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I’ve heard the term “soft loft.” Can you explain to me what that is?

First, let’s touch on a legal definition. In Colorado, residential construction is defined as detached and attached. Attached housing is everything from town homes to condo’s to lofts. Legally, they are all condominiums.

A “soft loft” is generally recent construction, purpose built for housing. Loft like features such as exposed utilities and high ceilings create a “loft” feel. A “hard or true loft” is generally an older structure built as a warehouse or manufacturing facility, and recently converted to residential use. However, there is no precise definition as many new structures are built as true lofts, with high ceilings and minimal interior walls.

How secure are lofts?

Almost all lofts have controlled building doors, pass coded elevators and/or gated parking facilities, making them secure.  It is possible to secure an individual loft with a home secure system, the same way one would a single-family home.