Home Inspection

The Home Inspection from the Seller’s Perspective

Preparing for a Home InspectionTypically your home will be inspected after you have a buyer under contract. The buyer’s inspection will happen within the first two weeks after signing the purchase agreement. The dates of the home inspection are set forth in the contract. The buyer has the right to inspect anything they deem necessary during this time.

If the buyer finds conditions that are “unsatisfactory” then you will receive an “inspection notice” either terminating the contract or asking you to correct the conditions. At this point you the seller can fix all the issues or offer an alternative solution that is acceptable to the buyer.

Normally, the buyer is looking to assure themselves no major problems are present in the house that will cause them to spend a large amount of money to repair or worse yet, issues that cannot be repaired.

What can the seller do to prepare?Go through your home and fix the things that need repair. Have the major systems in your house inspected to reduce the risk of any surprises when negotiating.

Proactively having the home pre-inspected will place you in a position of strength. Knowing what needs to be done, prior to sensitive negotiations is advantageous.

Should the seller hire an inspector?Hiring a home inspector is one way to have your home inspected. The other way is to hire professionals from each of the trades to take a professional look at the home: roofer, plumber, electrician and HVAC.

Which ever choice you make, be sure to insist upon getting the “true” picture of the inspection. If something needs fixing or adjusting do it. Save the receipt as proof that the inspection was done.

Pre-inspecting will not prevent the buyer from doing their own inspection. What it will do is give you a basis from which to work. If the buyer ends up hiring a poor inspector (they aren’t regulated in Colorado) then you will know if there is an issue or not.