Negotiating Your Home Sale

Every real estate transaction is different. There are literally hundreds of elements that can be negotiated in real estate. No two buyer or seller needs are the same, but there are certain inconsistencies that hold true. Usually we only deal with 5 points of interest:

    Things we fight over…

  1. Price
  2. Terms
  3. Personal Property
  4. Possession Date
  5. Inspection Objection

Negotiation Strategies

Depending on the market conditions at the time of contract, the seller may choose to lower the asking price in order to achieve a quick closing. Conversely, the seller may opt to accept a higher price for the home if the buyer has offered a later closing. An arrangement like this is the sort of “give and take” that may happen during a negotiation.

Buyers and sellers who are able to determine what is most important to them and to the other side tend to have some negotiations that work out successfully for both parties.

Stay focused on negotiation

Negotiations can go sour when one side or the other is relentless and make unreasonable demands. Of course “unreasonable” is an objective term. Having a professional to help guide one through the process is always helpful. Emotions can run high and objectivity often times is lost over the most minute requests.