Showing Your Home

What to expect when showing your home

We live in an “instant gratification” society, so it’s important to be prepared to show your home on short notice. Frequently buyers will be driving their favorite neighborhoods, find your home and want to see it right away! This may not be convenient for you, but it may and will happen. Most agents plan their day and will give a more substantial notice when setting an appointment. So hopefully you will have nice lead time to prepare for a showing.

Tidy up and LEAVE!

Of all advice, this is the most important. Buyers need to be able to “mentally move into” your home. They just can’t do that with you present in the home. If you are serious about selling your home, give the buyer the space to view your home, uninterrupted.

How long do showings take?

There’s no set length for showings, it all depends on the buyers. Sometimes buyers take a long time to view every aspect of the home, others walk thru as quick as a jack rabbit! Usually when the showing is short it means the home is not right for the buyer. Conversely when the showing is long, it doesn’t necessarily mean the buyer in interested, it could just be that they like looking at homes and enjoy taking their time!

If you should arrive home prior to the buyers exiting, just wait outside, down the street. Don’t disturb them. Let them take their time.