Staging Your Home

Denver Home Sellers Stage Homes

Staging Your Home is NecessaryCompetition to grab the buyer’s attention in any market is tough. It is ultimately the reason why a new industry called “staging” has become extremely popular. Staging your home begins with making it spotlessly clean and decluttered. After that it is important to enhance your home’s best features in order to get that buyer’s attention!

Getting a buyer’s attention may be as simple as moving the furniture around to give the room a larger more “open” feel. Or as complicated as replacing carpet and paint colors with more updated and appealing items.

Professional Stagers Work the Resale Home Market. Calling a professionally trained “stager” who specializes in the re sale market is a good step in the right direction. Many stagers will work with your own possessions, giving you a formal “to do” list explaining the “how to” of making your home look better. Other home stagers will bring in their own decorator items to enhance yours, giving your home the total treatment, without you having to acquire these decorator items on your own.

Does staging your home have financial benefits? Absolutely! New home builders have been using decorators to sell their product for years. New homes are very plain when delivered to the buyer, unlike the models where the home builder has spend tens of thousands of dollars to decorate! Builders use decorators because it increases appeal to the consumer, therefore they sell more homes!

What if I must move out of my home prior to getting an offer? Vacant homes need professional staging as much, if not more than an occupied home. Most consumers appreciate having a few pieces of furniture in a home to help give them a better perception of how a room will work for them. Stagers help us sell vacant properties quicker by making the home more appealing, rather than stark and empty.

Staging sounds wonderful, is it really worth the cost? Yes, spending more money on your home when you are planning on selling it, may not make sense until you consider the time value of your money. If your home sells months sooner because you spent an extra $XXX amount, would you consider that expensive? Most people prefer to sell quicker than later. Having showings for 1 month vs. 10 months is a huge motivator for most sellers.

Professionally staging your home typically shortens the sale time and increases your net income from the sale.